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Use \ before commas in usernames
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Hey there! I've subscribed to Taiga for about a year now, and it's the nicest forum software I've ever used, but there is one consistent problem that I see between me and my other users.

The site is surprisingly navigable as-is when browsing from a mobile device, but there are issues sometimes with the way the message box is displayed. Because it is always visible on screen, the browser struggles to understand how to fit it to the screen as you scroll, zoom, etc. As a suggestion, I think adding an option to anchor the message box at the very bottom of the page would go a long way in making the site more navigable by phone.

There is also something strange with the way the page navigation buttons are displayed due to always being displaying in front of all other page elements. I think the same approach could be used here (an option to anchor it to the bottom), as it is worth trading off the convenience of being able to navigate to a different page without scrolling to the bottom.

The majority of the users on my Taiga use Android phones if it helps for testing at all. I'd be happy to provide more information if you need it. Thanks!
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Thanks for the praise and comments.

I took a look in the Android emulator just now (running 4.2), and there do seem to be some issues with page elements using fixed positioning such as the post box and the page number display. I actually didn't see as many problems as I usually see with iOS devices, which leads me to believe that support for fixed positioning is still improving in the mobile browsers. That's good news for the future of Taiga Forum on mobile devices.

As a workaround for these problems, Samuel created the "Willow iPhone" style, which we originally intended to be the only style offered for users of mobile browsers. (Back then, Android was a niche OS, which is why "iPhone" is in the style's name.) Over time, as the mobile browsers have improved, it's become less important that mobile users only see that style, and we no longer force mobile users to use it. However, using it should eliminate problems with support for fixed positioning in mobile browsers, so you might suggest that your users give it a try.