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Use \ before commas in usernames
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My mate has just registered (who I then made an admin) and when I clicked on the registered users link at the bottom of the main forum, there's no-one in there! As in no users are listed at all. Obviously a slight issue that... ;)

I've asked my mate to report any issues and suggestions he encounters as we get the board pepped for launch, so expect plenty of more stuff from us over the next few weeks ;)

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When Samuel and I designed the Users View, we wanted you to be able to see all users on one page. But when we looked at it on a forum with thousands of users, it was really slow in Firefox (both scrolling and resorting the columns). IE was much the same way. As a compromise, we decided to slice it up like some other forum software does (i.e., by first letter of username and so on). The way you select which usernames you want is at the bottom of the page ("View usernames that begin with:"). If you don't select a letter, it takes you to users with usernames starting with A by default (and it looks like you don't yet have any users with a username starting with A on your forum). But on a forum with few users, there's really no point in splitting things up like that, since it's plenty fast with even 100 users.

So I treated this as a bug and put in a conditional: if there are less than 100 users on the forum, then show all users on one page (unless you select a letter, in which case behavior is the same as if there are > 100 users). You may need to clear your cache to see this take effect.

Thanks for helping make Taiga Forum better!