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Use \ before commas in usernames
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Hi Nathan, I posted this in my previous thread on the matter already but I just realized it may be harder to spot compared to just making a new thread. I also figured you might have email notifications when new threads are created.

The thread being referenced: https://support.taigaforum.com/post/stuck_threads2.html

Quote from homskillet:
Hey Nathan, it appears to be happening again. It's unclear whether the list of effected users is identical, but I know that at I and at least one other person have had problems both times. Are you aware of the servers having more issues from power outages or is this possibly unrelated? Let me know if there's anything you need from our end, we will be happy to help.
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Sorry for the delay in getting to this. The good news is I've found the problem and will be implementing the fix today.
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No problem, no need to apologize. I'm assuming you already got the fix in because everything seems to be working smoothly. Thanks for the responsiveness as always!