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Samuel: 2010-08-17 06:06:27 pm
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Here are all of Taiga Forum's shortcut keys.

Press your browser's access key(s) along with one of the keys listed to activate a keyboard shortcut.

S	Open post box / Submit post
W	Close post box
I	Load the forum subtitle link target
H	Go to the forum index
M	Go to your private threads
L	Show/Hide the Live Userlist
U	Go to unread view
T	Load unread posts in tabs
F	Open the search box
]	Go to the next page of a thread
[	Go to the previous page of a thread
B	Go to the first page of a thread
E	Go to the last page of a thread

Access keys:
Firefox (Windows)	- Shift–Alt
Firefox (Mac)		- Ctrl
Internet Explorer 8	- Alt
Safari (Windows)	- Alt
Safari (Mac)		- Ctrl–Option
Opera (Windows)		- Shift–Esc
Opera (Mac)		- Shift–Esc
Chrome (Windows)	- Alt
Chrome (Mac)		- Ctrl–Option

Some of these shortcuts will not work in every browser. For example, in Chrome the S key will not open the post box, but it will submit a new post.
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