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Use \ before commas in usernames
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Hi Taiga Support!

        I'd like to change my domain name to "assistman.com/forum".  Is that possible?
  Your website said to ask about it here at support ...

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for becoming a Taiga customer!

"assistman.com/forum" is possible, but perhaps forum.assistman.com would work better - that way we can give you URLs like forum.assistman.com/post/something.html. Currently, the only ways to make "assistman.com/forum" work would be to host your Taiga Forum on your own Web hosting, which isn't currently possible, or to redirect from assistman.com/forum to assistman.taigaforum.com, which is probably not what you want.

If you'd like to use forum.assistman.com instead, I'll need you to log in to the website of your assistman.com domain name host (which is sometimes also your Web host) and change the configuration of the assistman.com domain. You will need to create the subdomain "forum" if it doesn't already exist and make that point to the IP address Here is the more technical info if you'd like to phone their support and have them do it:

Subdomain: forum.assistman.com
IP to point to:

Please let me know if you have any questions about this process. Once your host has set up the subdomain, it should start working with your forum almost immediately, as I've already set things up on this end.

Thanks again!